About us

Our story

We started as most good ideas do, around a campfire with the thought of ‘surely we could do this better…’ and a few years and a few thousand miles of field testing – here we are! 

In our development we have supported a record-breaking Source to Sea expedition on the Yukon River, we’ve supplied food for the best mountain climbers in the world and some of the toughest ocean races in existence.  

Why we are different

Our food is cooked as you would at home, low & slow and in small batches to retain flavour intensity.    Born out of a desire to create nutritious and tasty food - we’re a small company that has big ambitions to support the most extreme adventures.  We won’t compromise on our ingredients and continually strive to develop best-in-market products. When you eat our food, you will be chewing on proper pieces of fresh vegetables and decent chunks of meat - our aim is that our food tastes no different to a freshly cooked meal at home.

Who we are

The founding team have over 25 years military experience – that’s a heck of a lot of ration packs! We know exactly what our customers need in extreme environments – lightweight, high calorie, high protein food that is something to look forward to at the end of a hard day in the elements.

We also own the Yukon 1000 race – the world’s longest endurance and survival paddling race in the world.  This keeps us forever close to our customers and demonstrates our passion for adventure and discovery.

We know you’ll enjoy our meals as much as we’ve enjoyed making them – please drop us a line or share your pictures on social – we love knowing where our meals end up!